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Deep Freeze – Preventing & Treating Headaches in Summer

DEEP FREEZE | Preventing and Treating Headaches this Summer When we think about summer we immediately think of sun, sea, outdoors and adventure! You may be planning some serious training sessions this summer or simply looking forward to a lazy beach holiday with hours in the African sun.  However, did you know that headaches

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Deep Freeze – How Deep Freeze helps Reduce Pain & Inflammation

DEEP FREEZE | How Deep Freeze helps reduce pain and inflammation Pain scenarios are plentiful – from spraining your ankle coming down the steps through to pain flaring up on that long-awaited run or the needless suffering from joint pain and inflammation when you just need a ‘quick fix’ on the days when it

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Deep Freeze – Cooldown Routine

DEEP FREEZE | Follow our cooldown routine to settle after activity For the most effective cooldown, it’s important to revisit and understand the ‘why’. Cooling down after a workout helps the body’s system and muscles return to a ‘normal’ or ‘resting’ state. We recommend following this general cooldown routine, modifying it where necessary to suit

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Deep Freeze – When to use what product?

DEEP FREEZE | Which product to use when? There are numerous products on the market today that help our bodies cope with the demands of our modern lifestyle. Deep Freeze is amongst those products most widely used by professional athletes and their masseuses, as well as the general public. The range is readily available

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What Happens When We Don’t Cool Down After Working Out?

DEEP FREEZE - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DON'T COOL DOWN AFTER WORKING OUT A training session or workout generally consists of three phases: warm-up, main work-out and cool- down.  This applies to athletes across all levels and spectrums of sport, whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior trying to stay fit. 

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Deep Freeze – Cooling Down After Exercise Can Be Fun

DEEP FREEZE | COOLING DOWN AFTER EXERCISE CAN BE FUN You have had a hard training session or competition day – adrenaline has rushed through your veins; your heart rate was close to maximum and you’ve sweated it out! But then, suddenly, it is over. Your training session, or competition, is done. What now

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What Causes Knee Injury & How to Treat It?

DEEP FREEZE What causes knee injury and how to treat it? An active lifestyle and moving one’s body consistently on a daily basis is important for our overall health and wellbeing. However, as much as physical activity and movement have great benefits,  it is important to give our bodies both the necessary attention and

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