Pain, often associated with swelling and discomfort, has been part of our lives for as long as humankind has moved. Pain can affect all areas of our daily living and we therefore need to do whatever we can to control it.

Many different theories exist on the treatment of pain. Cold therapy has been known to be one of the most effective treatments of pain associated with injury and Neuromuscular conditions.

Cold therapy works well to decrease pain because it numbs the area where the pain is experienced.  If any swelling is present, cold therapy will decrease the swelling by causing vascular constriction at the site of pain. A decrease in swelling will lead to less pressure on the nerve endings at the site of injury, and therefore decreases the sensation of pain.

Deep Freeze Cold Gel is a highly affective cold gel that can be applied directly to any area of pain or swelling. The cold gel strives to numb the painful area and bring about pain relief.

Deep Freeze Cold Gel comes various formats tubes and tub which can be kept handy to apply to painful joints and muscles that are swollen. The Deep Freeze Roll-On applicator allows the Deep Freeze Cold Gel to be applied more easily, and with a circular massage motion that will aid in the decrease of swelling and pain.

These convenient and useful products are available at Clicks, Dischem, Shoprite/Checkers, PnP and local Pharmacy stores. So, be sure to keep a Deep Freeze Cold Gel close at hand for when you experience pain and discomfort.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts