What is joint pain and how to treat it?

A joint is formed where two or more bones meet in our bodies.  Joints are the hinges that allow our bodies to move in all directions.  We use our joints all day, every day, without considering the load and pressure they are under.  Whether you have sat at a computer all day or  trained for a triathlon, your joints have been moving and working.  Unfortunately, we only become aware of our joints once something goes wrong and we experience aches and pains in those areas.

Joint pain can have several causes:

  • Related to, and/ or caused by underlying disease.
  • Overuse, or lack of use.
  • Sprains or strains of the ligaments within the joint.

Painful joints are normally an indication of inflammation in one or more of the parts making up the joint. Joints can appear swollen, red and feel warm, which in turn can impact our daily activities. It is therefore important to treat effectively. Treatments can range from prescribed oral medication to topical application depending on the underlying cause of the joint pain.

Oral medication can vary from Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAD’s) to prescribed scheduled medicine.  The aim of oral medication is to limit inflammation and relieve pain.  

Conservative treatment of joint pain through application of topical creams has also proven successful.  And for many of us, an easy self-treatment option is what we are looking for when experiencing joint pain.

Cold therapy has been widely used to reduce pain and inflammation in joints.  Deep Freeze Cold Gel is easy to apply and can decrease pain and inflammation.  The cold gel numbs the pain and causes blood vessels to constrict – this will assist with decreasing inflammation in the affected joint.  

Joint sprains and strains can be very painful, with swelling and inflammation limiting movement. Limited movement will lead to stiffness and require a longer period of healing.  When applied to a sprained joint, Deep Freeze Cold Gel will bring immediate relief of pain due to the cold gel numbing the pain.  The constriction of blood vessels, caused by the cold gel, will decrease and limit the swelling. This will aid in better mobility of the joint, which will play a role in quicker repair of the injured structures.  The cold gel will also limit the inflammation, leading to quicker recovery.  Recovery Therapists have found the Deep Freeze Cold Gel to be a great addition to their treatment products.

The Deep Freeze Cold Gel comes in a useful compact tube and can always be kept close for the unexpected joint pain. The Deep Freeze Cold Spray also comes in very handy during activities such as training or participation in a race. It acts in the same way as the cold gel but is just a little quicker to apply. 

Joints are vital to our everyday movement and activities.  It is important to treat joint pain in a quick and effective way, and for that Deep Freeze Cold Gel and Spray provide the ideal treatment.  We recommend that you always keep your Deep Freeze products close at hand. 

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts