DEEP FREEZE | Which product to use when?

There are numerous products on the market today that help our bodies cope with the demands of our modern lifestyle.

Deep Freeze is amongst those products most widely used by professional athletes and their masseuses, as well as the general public. The range is readily available and can be found at most retailers and pharmacy outlets. 

With numerous products to choose from, it always helps to have a guideline of what product to use when. 

After exercise or training, the body needs to cool down. However, when time is limited for a cool down, applying a cold gel to muscles will assist in the cooling down of the muscle and a return to normal body temperature.  Secondly, once acute injuries such as joint sprains or muscles strains have occurred, swelling and bruising may be present. Cold therapy is the most effective way of decreasing and limiting both the swelling and the bruising. The quicker it can be applied to the injured site, the better the swelling and bruising will be controlled.

There are 4 major products in the Deep Freeze range

Most popular is the Deep Freeze Cold Gel, available in a sachet, varying tube sizes or a tub. Used when a rapid cooling effect is needed, it can be applied after an intense training, exercise or unaccustomed activity.  By applying it to the muscles, it serves as a cool down and helps the body return to its normal temperature. Deep Freeze Cold Gel can also be used after acute injury such as sprains and strains and will decrease swelling and bruising at the effected site of injury. It is easy to self-apply. 

Deep Freeze Roll-On contains the same product in a handy roll-on bottle making the application easy and effective and assuring that the entire pain area is covered. It can be applied with a little pressure through the roll-on bottle in circular motions. This action will mimic a gentle massage and will aid the decrease of swelling. It can be used anywhere and is a quick and effective remedy. 

Deep Freeze Cold Spray is also used for acute injuries such as sprains and strains. It is a quick and easy way to apply cold to the required area, helping to limit swelling and bruising. The sooner cold can be applied to the area of injury or pain, the more effective it will be. The spray is quick to apply and is therefore often used during races or events such as marathon running or cycling and during sporting games such as rugby, soccer, hockey or netball.

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch offers scientifically proven cooling pain relief that can be applied to the affected area and left on for up to 12 hours.  It provides a slow-release cooling effect to the injured area that will assist with limiting swelling and bruising at the site of injury.

Deep Freeze Cold Gel and Spray are great products to use for a cool down effect or after acute injury such as strains and sprains. The products come in different shapes and sizes which makes application and usage easier and more effective.  Visit your nearest retailer or pharmacy and stock up on some of these effective products.

Article written by EPT – The Ultimate Sports Recovery Experts