While the miracle of life is unfolding deep within your womb, your own body is going through changes and adaptations. These include hormonal changes, physical and emotional adaptations. Being pregnant is certainly an adventure; it is exciting and challenging at the same time.

The physical changes that occur include a growing baby bump, enlarging breasts and expanding feet. These three changes, specifically, can be the cause of lower back pain especially towards the end of the second and beginning of the third trimester. Your center of gravity shifts due to the increased weight and volume of your expanding belly.

Relaxin is the hormone that causes the ligaments to relax and readies your pelvis for birth. Your back is therefore less stable, and the abdominal muscles find it harder to support your back.

There are a few well-known ways of caring for your back during this time:

  • Think about your back as you go about your day. Avoid lifting heavy bags and take care when lifting other children. You may want to consider wearing supportive shoes that help to distribute weight evenly.
  • Try and sit on a swiss ball instead of a sofa when watching TV. It offers great back building benefits.
  • Support your back while sleeping by keeping your knees bent and pillows around your bump and between your knees.
  • Stay active with gentle exercise such as maternity yoga and swimming. Taking a walk at moderate pace will help with circulation and strength.

All of the above will help ease back pain during pregnancy, with some further advice below:

A pregnancy massage by a specialist therapist will help relieve pain. It is also said that professional acupuncture will relieve pain. However, most pregnant ladies want to block pain or minimise pain as quickly and effectively as possible without any dangers for the baby.

A drug-free pain topical solution that offers convenient and effective pain relief might be just the solution! Deep Freeze is a safe, cold therapy product that helps ease back pain during pregnancy and beyond.

Cold therapy works in two ways:

1) When the cold is applied, it activates receptors in the skin which send signals to the brain to dilute pain and bring relief.

2) It causes vasoconstriction that limits inflammation at the affected area.

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel is fast acting and soothing. It is applied to the skin at the area of pain, providing relief exactly where you need it! Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel is also recommended for strain, sprains, foot and muscle pain.

Always consult your health care professional before using new products or if any new symptoms occur.